LYNQ Employee Spotlight – Danylo Prokopiv

Danylo Prokopiv - LYNQ Chief Product Officer

Adding faces to the names, introducing the LYNQ team…

Danylo Prokopiv, Chief Technology Officer


Dan is a manufacturing informatics and software development professional with a degree in mechanical engineering and 17+ years of experience in operations and IT.

Tell us about your role at LYNQ, Dan

How long have you worked at LYNQ? Since 2007 – 15 years and counting!

What do you enjoy about your role? Developing a product is actually creating something; seeing the results and the success of those results is wonderful; it’s a major driving force!

My role combines management, engineering, design, collaboration and many other aspects. It’s a really exciting and challenging position.

Being surrounded by outstanding people with interesting personalities and cultures, the opportunity to connect with clients, understand and address their needs, business travels and relative personal freedom shape the quality of my role. I truly appreciate and enjoy it!

What is your favourite project that you have worked on? LYNQ MES. It is the only one, but it has already had several generations. The latest revision, in which we use state-of-the-art IT technology multiplied by many years of MES implementation experience, is probably the most enjoyable to date.

And to get a bit more personal, here’s a ‘Quick Fire Five’

  1. What is your phone screensaver? Just the standard iPhone one, never bothered with this!
  2. One thing you’d take to a desert island? A friend!
  3. I bet my teammates would be surprised to know that… As a child, I was involved in a model aircraft and rocket club for a long time. It was, and still is, a lifelong passion of mine and probably had the greatest influence on my choice of engineering education and career. I would love to get back into it with my son!
  4. What was the first gig/live music event you went to? I was 18 years old, a live performance by the young but rocking band «Ocean Elzy». They were obviously warming up the crowd to another more famous band, but it turned out they were much more successful in the future. It’s nice to be able to say, “I’ve been with them since their very beginning”!
  5. Favourite computer game? Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena. I was an unbeatable champ in our student community!!! Those were wonderful days!
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Danylo Prokopiv

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