Your business. Automated.

Automatic data capture from machines and other devices.

Your factory. Digitalised.

Automatic data capture from machines and other devices.

To avoid getting left behind, today’s manufacturers must adapt and automate to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

LYNQ provides the platform to digitalise your factory with over 140 native drivers to the most common PLC/IO devices including Allen Bradley, IFM, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Siemens and more.


Formed around international standard IEC62264, LYNQ’s leading-edge manufacturing operations management solution can plan, track, automate, analyse and optimise factories to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.
Use LYNQ’s powerful, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) client to minimise downtime while considering constraints from machines, tooling, personnel and inventory, to make smarter use of your materials and resources.
Publish schedules to the shop floor that can be viewed on any device from anywhere. See job and operational progress in real time at a glance.
Use simple dashboards to understand your load and maximise order fulfilment.
Provide your workforce with interactive job lists to drive efficiency and adherence to plan.


Collect data from the shop floor easily and accurately from your employees and machines. Track availability, performance and quality at a click of a button for OLE and OEE analysis.
Use employee status screens to effectively manage your workforce to maximise their productivity.
See how your employees are performing in real-time and resolve issues before they become a problem.
Use job status reports to provide visibility of progress.


Collect data automatically from over 140 industrial devices and use equipment status screens to effectively manage your workforce to maximise their productivity.
See how resources are being used with visibility of operating, productive and downtime at a glance.
See how your equipment is performing in real-time and resolve issues before they become a problem.
Use job status reports to provide visibility of progress.


Open the loss management dashboard to gain complete visibility of all your losses across the factory and use powerful drilldowns to get to the root cause to apply countermeasures.
Loss for each of your employees and equipment is then aggregated at factory level.
Use powerful management reports to drive your performance to world class standards.


Drive continuous improvement with management alerts, collaborative messaging and online documentation.

Automatic data capture

140+ industrial drivers Connecting PLC/ IO devices Supporting industrial automation protocols OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) calculation Machine state data collection (running, down or switched off) Output quantity (good and bad) over time Semi-automatic data collection Machine data (IIoT) and manual terminals (HMI) Operational data (quantity, scrap, equipment downtime) Custom data collection to your environment

World-class analysis


Data automatically linked to ERP

Connect data from Allen Bradley, GE, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toshiba and more machines directly to your ERP. Use it to accurately determine equipment effectiveness (OEE), machine status (running, not running, or off), and output (good and bad) over time to report on continuous improvement efforts. Plus error handling, control over live or scheduled submission to the ERP/PLM system, ability to collect data on multiple geographic facilities and data historian.

Semi-automatic data collection

Combination of machine data (IIoT) and manually entered data via terminals (HMI), including job identification and assignment; operational quantity; operational scrap; equipment downtime. Manual and hybrid data capture methods are supported using the Workbench and timeline features.

Custom data collection

Automatic and semi-automatic data collection of custom values e.g. spindle speed, temperature and other values specific to your environment that you wish to track and analyse. Security and permissions controls over who sees data based on roles, and how data is synced back to ERP/PLM, automatically, scheduled or manual.

Factory automation

LYNQ provides the platform to support factory digitalisation by connecting machines to read data automatically. Automated data collection allows manufacturers to improve visibility across manufacturing operations, reduce the cost of production and time to market, increase factory performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Job shop

Job shop

Custom product/ one-off

Design > Calculate > Quote> Source > Make > Deliver

  • Capable to promise – ability to determine the delivery date of potential orders by overlaying them on the existing plan</li>
  • Accurate job costs – ability to collect data easily and accurately to determine accurate job status and costs for margin and/or profit analysis</li>
  • Employee utilisation – ability to analyse and make the best use of high cost, skilled employees (OLE)
Batch production

Batch production

Moderate product mix/ moderate volume

Plan > Source > Make > Deliver

  • Scheduling – effective batch scheduling and changeover optimisation to minimise planned downtime for increased productivity and faster deliver
  • Margin analysis – planned vs actual variance analysis to identify and eliminate production loss for improved cycle times and product margins
  • Resource utilisation – ability to analyse and improve returns and output from investments in equipment and employees (OLE &amp; OEE)
Production line

Production line

High product volumes/ low mix

Plan > Source > Automate > Deliver

  • Line monitoring – real-time analysis with automated data collection and management alerts to increase efficiency and productivity</li>
  • Six Big Loss – analysis and instant notification of breakdowns, adjustments, minor stops, slow running and startup and production rejects</li>
  • Equipment utilisation – ability to analyse and make the best use of high investments in machinery and infrastructure (OEE &amp; TEEP)
Industrial Equipment

“The time we’ve saved in data entry is tremendous. We had 3 people’s time to do nothing but data entry. Now the guys just click go and stop. LYNQ has eliminated that manual data entry process completely.”

Pandu Badam, Manufacturing Project Manager, ACI Services Read full story

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