LYNQ Employee Spotlight – Andrew Popyk

Andrii Popyk - LYNQ Product Support Manager

Adding faces to the names, introducing the LYNQ team…

Andrew Popyk, Product Support Manager



10 years of experience helping manufacturers with software configuration and general problem-solving. Andrew has a good knowledge of ERP software and Microsoft SQL.

Tell us about your role at LYNQ, Andrew

How long have you worked at LYNQ? Since 2011. It is over 10 years now.

What do you enjoy about your role? I really enjoy the final result of my work – when the customers are satisfied, and everything works as expected without any issues.

What is your favourite project that you have worked on? It is really difficult to choose only one. All projects are unique and I love all of them.

And to get a bit more personal, here’s a ‘Quick Fire Five’

  1. What is your phone screensaver?  It is sunset in the mountains.
  2. One thing you’d take to a desert island? An Axe. It will help me with almost everything that I need in the beginning. I can use it for different things like building a small (or big) house, chopping firewood etc.
  3. I bet my teammates would be surprised to know that… My colleagues know that I love football very much, but I believe they might not know that I collect different things related to football. My collection has more than 1000 items now. Mostly very unique. I have t-shirts, scarves, autographs, books, keychains, and even pieces of a football field, yes I love football THAT much!
  4. What was the first gig/live music event you went to? A well-known Ukrainian rock band, Okean Elzy that I watched in Lviv.
  5. Favourite computer game? Football Manager, of course. I like meticulous work that brings excellent final results… and football.
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Andrew Popyk

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