LYNQ Employee Spotlight – Claire Mann

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Adding faces to the names, introducing the LYNQ team…

Claire Mann, Customer Success Manager


Claire has 6 years of manufacturing experience in the food & beverage industry. Claire is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experience to help our customers businesses adapt, automate and thrive.

Tell us about your role at LYNQ, Claire

How long have you worked at LYNQ? My time at LYNQ spans over 2 decades the 2010’s & 2020’s! The real answer however, is 4 years.

What do you enjoy about your role? Building great relationships with customers. This is one of the reasons I am really pleased to have been given the opportunity to carry my implementation experience through to Customer Success Management, continuing to build relationships with a wider spectrum of our customers.

What is your favourite project that you have worked on? My favourite project was also one of my first, a custom metal fabrication company. I really enjoyed working with the whole team there. Our sessions were fun, friendly, and productive, and all timelines were met as anticipated. I gained a great deal of satisfaction from completing the project and meeting the customers expectations. This was the first project where I implemented both APS and shop floor data collection so really helped my confidence.

And to get a bit more personal, here’s a ‘Quick Fire Five’

  1. What is your phone screensaver? A picture of my daughter when only a few weeks old, sleeping and looking angelic. It reminds me of a magical time before she learnt to say ‘Mummy!’
  2. One thing you’d take to a desert island? Insect repellant. Without a doubt!
  3. I bet my teammates would be surprised to know that… I was a committed ballet dancer from the age of 2 & a half until I was 11 passing exams and performing in shows, there are some questionable home videos somewhere! A world away from my current favorite past times which include a substantial amount of Netflix!
  4. What was the first gig/ live music event you went to? I’m not sure this entirely counts but I always have incredibly fond memories of the children’s entertainment at the Devon holiday resort our family visited yearly when we were young. My sister and I have even been know to put on a little performance of some of the songs and dance routines after a tipple or two even to this day! It’s not only incredible what you can find on Spotify but how many dance moves you can remember from when you were 7!
  5. Favourite computer game? My husband & I have always been big fans of escape rooms having visited them not only in the UK but on trips to Poland and Italy in recent years. Whilst I’m not a big player of computer games, online escape rooms are something I’ve become a huge fan of. I really enjoy the immersive experience and challenge of solving the puzzles.
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Claire Mann

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