Industrial Equipment.

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LYNQ is reinventing MES (manufacturing execution system) software tailored to the industrial equipment manufacturing industry which includes machinery for processing raw materials and machinery for production lines and assembly.

LYNQ MES’s digital approach allows manufacturers to be more agile, innovative, and competitive in this rapidly evolving market.


MES in the Industrial Equipment industry.

MES in this industry is indispensable for enabling better decision-making, optimising production operations, improving efficiency, and ensuring quality.

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Minimise loss.

Cost-saving measures in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry are crucial, they should not compromise quality, safety, or compliance. Manufacturers must carefully evaluate and implement cost-saving strategies while maintaining their commitment to delivering high-quality equipment. Enhancing operational efficiency with MES can save an enormous amount in cost.

On average, an industrial equipment manufacturer of 50 resources (employees plus machines) could save $28,000 per month by using LYNQ MES. ROI calculator >>

Key features.

  1. Advanced planning and scheduling.

    Control complex production schedules, auto-schedule production, allocate resources for optimum productive hours and track the performance of your entire manufacturing operation against production targets. Advanced planning and data analysis tools for the industrial equipment industry. Plan >>

  2. Data collection.

    Collect data on the production line, how efficiently it is performing and identify where losses are occurring. Effective shop-floor data capture software enables a manufacturer to know exactly what is happening, in real-time, for end-to-end traceability of raw materials, components and assembly, improving defect detection and quality control at every step.  Track >>

  3. Automate production.

    With automatic data capture from machines, standardised workflows, accelerated business processes and smart quality control. Access and report on manufacturing data in the click of a button to streamline operations, work as productively as possible and reduce manual intervention. Automate >>

  4. Analyse data.

    Gain intelligent insight into your industrial equipment manufacturing data. Know exactly what is happening at every stage of production and be able to use this data to make process improvements; saving time and increasing production. Build reports with ease and view data dashboards on operations via any connected device. Analyse >>

  5. Optimise manufacturing.

    Gain tools to communicate more effectively via instant messaging. Move away from paper based systems with online jobs, online schedules and a plan that is accessible by everyone via laptops or tablets. Identify and address issues promptly with automatic alerts and notifications, connecting shop-floor employees with management. Optimise >>

Machine builders must seek the X factor.

Machine builders must seek the X factor.

Like modern cars, machinery builders often have access to the same quality certified electromechanical components available to the competition: servo-motors, drives, spindles, power converters and tooling. So what distinguishes the machinery manufacturer? Price and added value layers of “Industry 4.0” tools like predictive maintenance and tool management are among the USPs.

Ultra-efficient manufacturing is essential to be price-competitive when global competitors offer very similar products but sales levels must be maintained and new customers found. MES solutions reveal bottlenecks and show where expensive stock is waiting for assembly, reducing production costs.

5 Tips to Optimise Production Line Performance
Managing complex assemblies.

Managing complex assemblies.

Most machine builders outsource a large proportion of the machine components to suppliers. Increasing production volumes means more complex delivery schedules and bigger demands on suppliers for both delivery and price.

Many components of a good manufacturing execution system help machinery builders to manage and schedule complex assemblies: Resource management, definition management, scheduling, execution management, data collection and alerts.

The Importance of Accurate Data Collection and Resource Tracking
Competition and frictionless trade.

Competition and frictionless trade.

Firms want regulatory alignment to smooth the process of trade in often expensive machinery. Tariffs punish machinery builders because, while the unit price is high, there is a lot of competition so less room to absorb tariffs into the price and secure sales. In this crowded industry, machine builders are seeking greater “niche specialisation” to compete effectively.

Tariffs and taxes make expensive capital goods more costly. One of the few actions manufacturers that want to export can take to keep prices competitive is to develop the leanest production system they can. MES and shop floor data visibility is crucial to that.

Planning for the Unplannable


Digitalisation is most valid to machinery and equipment, of all the manufacturing sectors. Why? This is where we can see the productivity gains most clearly. Despite its heritage, many time-served engineers who have built and serviced machines all their lives don’t know what Industry 4.0 means.

Education will involve using MES and ERP systems together with machine programming, to understand the full capability, savings and benefits of this greater connectivity.

The Challenge Series: How to move on from excel?

“The more we use LYNQ, the more savings we are making and we are seeing better and better results. Less time is spent tracking down a person or order. [We can] focus on ROI, we will save close to $60K a year in manual processing.”

Toni Brummett – Carlisle & Finch Controller. Read full story

“From an overall business management perspective, we utilise the information out of SYSPRO and LYNQ MES every single day.”

Leon Nash – AF Gason Chief Financial Officer. Read full story

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